Mar 2019
8 March World Women’s Day Events, 7-8 March 2019

8 March World Women’s Day Events, 7-8 March 2019

We all go through intensely stressful moments and decrease in the levels of awareness of our environment in the circumstances of daily flow. As a woman, each of us experience different kinds of difficulties and setbacks that lead to decrease in life satisfaction and stamina. In this significant day for women, while Prof. Dr. Zümra Atalay has talked about how to perceive our environment and selves with a higher awareness and mindfulness techniques, Prof.  Dr. Şafak Nakajima has gave presentation about stress as a psychological threat to both our minds and bodies. The program has ended with the concert of AVAZE Türk Müziği Kadınlar Topluluğu.

Prof. Dr. Zümra Atalay

Atalay has earned Bachelor’s degree on Psychology in Selçuk University. After Masters and PhD degrees, she has established the sub-department entitled “Mindfulness and Psychological Needs” in Rochester University, Psychology department. Currently, Atalay is working as a head of MEF University – Psychological Consultancy and Guidance.

Prof. Dr. Şafak Nakajima

Nakajima has completed her medicine degree in Uludağ University and earned her PhD on Virology in Osaka University. Besides her educations in Canada, China, United Kingdom and USA, Nakajima work as a doctor for more than 20 years in holistic medicine. Nakajima has two books as well as articles on medicine, psychology, philosophy and science.